Terms and conditions / 04th April 2023

The project “Pelikan Hubs” is initiated by Pelikan Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Werftstraße 9, 30163 Hannover, Germany (“Pelikan“). No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win.


The registration is only valid if you have signed up twice.
Sign up for first application / “save the date” from 02nd May until 15th May 2023
Sign up for second registration / complete registration from 16th May - 05th June 2023

Pelikan asks all Fans to meet in several cities around the world on September 22nd, 2023 at 06:30 PM (local time). These informal meetings will be organized by Pelikan’s fans and are called “Pelikan Hubs”. As Pelikan fans are scattered around the world, our aim is to bring them together for interesting conversations. The goal is to connect the online and offline worlds and to create a platform for the Pelikan fans. The “Pelikan Hub” events are supported, but not hosted by Pelikan. All “Pelikan Hubs” are organized by a local “Hub Master” who will be chosen by Pelikan. In short: This meeting is organized for fans by fans, with support from Pelikan.

The personal data is collected for the processing of the Pelikan Hub event and possibly, for a later contact for the integration of Pelikan fans in further projects. Consent to the storage of personal data can be revoked under datenschutz@pelikan.com at any time.


All Pelikan fans around the world can take part in the project.
All information about the Pelikan Hub event is available on the website www.pelikan-hubs.com. The participant will be redirected via link from the Pelikan-hubs.com website to the web address https://pelikan.miovent.com/savethedate-2023. There the first and the second registration will take place. During the first registration, that we call “save the date”, which can be made until May 15th, 2023, only the full name as well as the e-mail address will be requested for later contact.
After May 15th, every participant who has registered for the save the date registration will receive an invitation by e-mail to repeat his registration and thus to confirm it as well as to provide further data for the further registration processing. On the web address https://pelikan.miovent.com/completeregistration-2023, the participant creates a profile by entering personal data and naming his or her desired hub city.

At the same time, the person can apply to become the Hub Master for this city. The larger the suggested city, the higher the likelihood that it will become a “Pelikan Hub”. Each city needs at least 7 registrations in order to qualify as a “Pelikan Hub”.

To register as a “Hub Master”, participants have to fill out the voluntary text box “I would like to become the Hub Master, because...”. All applications for the Hub Masters and the cities must be submitted until June 05th, 2023.

Every participant has the possibility to change his chosen hub city in his personal profile until 30th June 2023 and to sign up for another released hub city. All released hub cities will be shown on the website www.pelikan-hubs.com on a world-map.

For organizational reasons, a change of the hub city after 30th June 2023 isn’t possible, because Pelikan organizes free giveaways for all participants and takes care of the shipping to the selected hub masters. Changes after 30th June 2023 cannot be considered.

Subsequently, Pelikan will choose the cities to host a “Pelikan Hub” and one Hub Master each. Participants who have chosen a city where a Hub can’t be realized will be informed accordingly and will be asked to get in contact with Pelikan in order to choose a different Hub.

The participants agree that Pelikan will pass on their e-mail addresses and their telephone number to the chosen Hub Master to make sure that he or she can organize the event. The hub master is free to contact the hub participants either by email or by phone about the use of message messenger/creation of a chat group within a message messenger for faster information exchange. The contact data of the Hub Master will be passed on to all participants. Pelikan will inform the chosen Hub Masters to announce all further details for the local “Pelikan Hub” until September 02nd 2023, at the latest.

Please let us note one important detail: There is no obligation for the participants to participate at the event, but out of respect for the Hub Master we kindly ask all participants to follow their commitment. Should anything unexpected occur, we kindly ask to inform the Hub Master as soon as possible.

All Hub Masters agree to organize a local event with a maximum of 25 attendants. To minimize the effort for the Hub Masters, this limit was created. If the size of a Hub exceeds 25 participants, Pelikan will get in contact with the "Hub Master". If the Hub Master specifically agrees on organizing a Hub with more than 25 participants, even bigger Hubs are possible. The Hub Master will not cover any cost at all in the context of the event. Costs for food, beverages, event location etc. must be covered individually by the attendants. If the Hub Master wishes to organize something extraordinary, e.g. additional entertainment/ things to do for the evening, it is possible but voluntary. The Hub Master organizes the exact meeting location but is not responsible for the procedure of the evening.

Each „Pelikan Hub“ should preferably take place close to the center of the selected city or in another location that can be reached easily. Otherwise, the “Hub Master” is free to choose the location (restaurant, park, bar, etc.). However, the hub may not be carried out in religious houses.

Each Hub participant agrees that photos and or videos may be taken during the hub event and that they may be shared and published by hub participants or Pelikan. Photos and videos can be published via social media, the Pelikan website or via Pelikan print media such as the Pelikan Passion consumer magazine and the FWI catalogue to inform about the hub events.

During the event, pictures can be posted with the hashtag #Pelikanhubs.

In time for the hub event dated on September 22nd, 2023, Pelikan will send a parcel with a small gift to the “Hub Master” prior to the event, one for each participant. The “Hub Master” is committed to give the gifts of Pelikan to each attendant who is actually present at the “Pelikan Hub”. Those participants who got the possibility to participate in the Hubs, although the registration process has ended, are not entitled to a gift considering the planning effort. If there are fewer attendants than initially registered, the Hub Master agrees on distributing the remaining gifts to those participants that have registered afterwards. In case there are less participants present at the event than expected, the Hub Master can keep the remaining gifts for him or herself or give them to the participants. Any remaining gifts do not need to be send back to Pelikan.

On top of that, Pelikan will provide a power point presentation to the Hub Masters which should be shown to the participants, if possible (i.e. on a tablet).
Participation at the event is only possible if you follow the registration link via the website Pelikan Hubs on the Pelikan site. Ideas and registrations which are sent via post, e-mail or in any other way can’t be considered.

Pelikan will announce a list of the final “Pelikan Hubs” and inform all Hub Masters after the closing of registration on June 06th, 2023.


Pelikan reserves the right to stop the promotion at any time or to make modifications in the promotion procedure.
Pelikan also reserves the right to cancel the Pelikan Hubs at short notice and to inform the Hub participants by e-mail if a tightening pandemic situation develops worldwide again in order not to increase the risk of infection.

Please note that in accordance with our contract with the company eventit AG, Pelikanplatz 7-9, D-30177 Hannover, your personal data will be stored and processed on the servers of eventit AG in compliance with our data protection regulations, as Pelikan uses the “mioevent” event software of eventit AG for the registration process. You can find more details under our data protection regulations.

Jurisdiction of the courts is excluded.
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