Pelikan Hubs 2019

Quality since 1838
Made in Germany

Registration starts May 2020 Next Hub Sept. 25 2020

Thousands of fans from across the world, all sharing a fascination with the same thing: Pelikan writing instruments. Since 2014, Pelikan has helped coordinate annual, simultaneous “Pelikan Hubs” in many cities across the world. A steadily growing networking event crossing national borders, strengthening the bond between Pelikan fans and nurturing their passion with every year.

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In which city will there be a Pelikan hub this year? The worldwide number of hubs is growing day by day. Perhaps you will discover your home town or a city near to you on the map ...

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Our Heroes

Exclusive and rich in detail: Our Limited and Special Editions are rare treasures waiting to be discovered. Not only collectors' hearts beat faster ...
„Letters make their own sound – they may occasionally be powerful like a musical note played fortissimo, and at other times soft like a pianissimo.“
Prof. Gottfried Pott

Edelstein® Ink of the Year 2019 „Star Ruby”

A bright highlight from the limited Edelstein ink collection proves a lot of luminosity. A brilliant dream in burgundy pink.

Herzstück 1929

Our anniversary icon pays tribute to the original from the 1920s. This Limited Edition is already rewriting the history of coveted writing instruments.

M101N Grey-Blue

The subtle color combination is reminiscent of the 1930s original. A Special Edition that brings joy to any Pelikan fan.

Souverän® 600 Violet-White

This amazing Special Edition continues the series of our striped Souverän writing instruments with bright colours.

Souverän® 805 Blue Dunes

A brilliant azure blue and a deep midnight blue characterize this special edition - as if it were sand dunes in moonlight.